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City Market shopkeepers unaware of planned renovation

Rayan Mitra

K.R Market soon to be renovated

KR Market will be the first beneficiary of the Rs 1,700-crore allotted to Bengaluru under the Smart City project. But shopkeepers are not convinced the promised renovation is required.

Improvement work was taken up in recent years. Most shopkeepers are unaware that more renovation is slated to take place. “If business is flourishing, we don’t care about anything. Money is the only thing we work hard for,” a young shopkeeper at the market informed The Observer.

“Renovation once again?” Wasim, a shopkeeper, said. “It took place a few years ago. Renovation causes interruption in our business.”

BBMP executive engineer Lokesh said: “The project will focus on organizing business and run the market in a structured manner. The market lacks systematic space management. It generates a lot of green waste which is an issue of concern and will be dealt with in this project.”

KR Market, also known as City Market, is Bengaluru’s largest facility for wholesale business.

“The project is yet to start,” said government contractor Kabadi.
The flower market alone generates much waste. The place is filled with the smell of rotten flowers. A frustrated passerby complained about the dumping of waste near the flower market. “I have seen the place like this for a long time. I avoid this place because of the stink.”

“We all are busy with the white-topping of the potholes”, said Lokesh. The BBMP is well ahead in planning and will start with KR Market and Russell Market soon.
The Smart City project, with a budget of 1,700 crore, aims to renovate and reconstruct heritage sites in the city. It also envisages repairing roads, providing better drainage, and revitalizating the Shivajinagar and Kempegowda bus stations and Russell Market.

After City Market, the Malleswaram Market will be renovated. Cubbon Park will be redeveloped. BBMP plans to secure dying ecosystems like the Ulsoor lake.