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Garbage marshals can fine people, says BBMP

Manikankana Sengupta

Piling garbage in the city has created a major waste management crisis.

The BBMP has decided to employ garbage marshals to improve waste management in the city. It will give the responsibility to ex-servicemen who will play a crucial role in the segregation of dry and wet waste.

Laxmi Narayan, assistant executive engineer, BBMP, informed The Observer: “Retired army men are to be employed for this project. They will have the right to fine citizens for littering. They will be paid a stipend.”

Depending on the success of the pilot project, the plan will be implemented across all wards in the city. The initiative will enlist the help of citizens and residents’ welfare associations.

Santosh Prabhu, an environmental engineer in the BBMP said: “The plan is to have one marshal in each ward. The proposal has not yet been approved by the council. We are waiting for the final response.”

Priyanka Das, who has lived in Bengaluru for the past five years, told The Observer: “This is a good initiative. The rains and the festive season have made the city’s garbage problem worse. Hopefully, this will bring some much-needed change.”.