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DSS demands will be met in 4 months, says Mayor

Manashaa Ganesan

Protests held outside BBMP headoffice

Slum-dwellers of Bengaluru lack basic facilities like clean water and toilets, says the Dalit Sangharsha Samithi (DSS), which staged a protest before the BBMP headquarters on Monday demanding these. The Observer spoke to a few DSS members about the issues.

DSS district convener Parthiban said: “Dalits in all the 198 wards must receive these facilities. The BBMP must provide them house documents. Only half of the households have received them. Once a party wins an election, they keep in mind only those who voted for them.”

Mayor Sampath Raj said: “The DSS has raised demands that will be fulfilled by the end of the fourth month starting now. I will call for a meeting in 3-4 days. The corporators and persons in charge of wards will be present  at the meeting.  Facilities will be provided to everyone.”

DSS secretary Jaya said: “Even basic infrastructure is not provided. Sometimes due to heavy rain, drain water mixes with drinking water. We had to protest because our complaints were not taken seriously.”

Parthiban said the BBMP promised that funds for SC/STs would reach the beneficiaries in a year. If officials fail to do so, action will be taken.
“We get water once in ten days. We spend almost Rs 400 on water every week,” said Clara Celena, DSS accounter.

DSS members  Chitra, Manikandan, Lakshmi and Vetrivel said: "We do not have basic facilities, like proper toilets, for years.”