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Jumping over Majestic road divider, people endanger their lives

Athul M

Many people who jump over the road divider are unaware of the subway that connects the railway station and the bus stand.

Every day, hundreds of people endanger their lives by jumping over a road divider in front of the Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna railway station. Many end up injuring themselves, according to people who work in the vicinity.

Most of them, especially those new to Bengaluru, do not use the subway that connects the railway station to the Majestic bus station.

Vijay Kumar, manager at Fair Deal Travels, located near the railway station, informed The Observer that he sees people jumping over the iron divider every day. “Both pedestrians as well as motorists meet with accidents when the former try to cross over the railings in a hurry. Two or three such accidents happen every day.”

Rajesh, a roadside cloth vendor near the bus station, said: “Earlier, police had put up a board asking people to not jump over, but it disappeared. It was stolen.”
But many people just don’t pay heed to what police say. Samiullah, head constable at the Cottonpet police station, said pedestrians never listen to warnings; they also don’t know there is a subway connecting the two transport hubs.“People rarely make use of the subway, which is open from 4am to 11pm.”

Muzammil, a fruit juice vendor near the Majestic bus station, said an extended fly over from the bus depot might solve the problem. “People who are new to the city, or are unaware of the subway, hop over the divider,” he added.

There is an issue that keeps women from using the subway: Safety.

“Women avoid the subway because they do not think it is safe enough. Even young girls are seen climbing over the divider,” said Damodar, an autorickshaw driver.